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Stained glass windows are often key architectural elements in public buildings like churches, libraries, courthouses and town meeting places as well as private and commercial locations. They are seen by people everyday yet are often the most overlooked when maintaining these structures. As the steward of your stained glass artwork it is important for you to monitor the characteristics and changes of your objects. You can do this yourself of work with us to develop condition reports and maintenance schedules.

We offer the following services for maintaining our national treasures:

  • Condition reporting and evaluation
  • Development of maintenance schedules and long term plans
  • Archival documentation and photography
  • Proper execution of rehabilitation, restoration and conservation
  • Project cost estimates and specifications
  • Removal, storage and installation of your glass while work is done to surrounding areas
  • Execution of any or all of the work

With a condition report or evaluation from Phoenix Studio you will be made aware of the state of you stained glass artwork. We will let you know in a full report the condition of the glass, metal matrix, and other structural elements; as well as the expected maintenance required to to properly protect and preserve your stained glass for years to come. Our reports can be used to help you in a bidding process with competent studios and craftsmen, obtain proper insurance, or just alert you or a committee to the status of your stained glass artwork.

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