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Conservation is a process of preserving a window in its current state and not returning it to a “like new” condition. This differs from restoration in that we, through fully reversible procedures capture the age and beauty of the window as it is while stabilizing it to be enjoyed for future generations. Restoration is a process that attempts to return the work of art to a previous “original” state. Conservation activities include examination, documentation, treatment, and preventive care, supported by research and education.

Stained glass windows are treasures of our churches, public buildings, and meeting places. They should not be placed in line behind other expenses that come along, nor should they ever be ignored. Their value appreciates annually; and therefore, they should not be allowed to depreciate in condition. We have seen the care and restoration of windows put off or disregarded in order to replace carpet, paint, heating systems, furniture, etc., which are disposable goods and can be replaced at any time. Stained glass windows are not disposable, and should never be treated as such. Your windows should be inspected frequently, properly kept clean, and only when necessary, be covered by a protective glazing system.

Phoenix Studio offers, at no charge inspections, appraisals, and studio tours in an attempt to help you make educated decisions about your stained glass windows. We do this in order to establish a relationship in which we can work together from a point of mutual understanding, toward the common goal of preserving your stained glass windows. Contact us today for more information.

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