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Restoration at The Phoenix Studio

Stained glass windows are one of the most treasured aspects of a home, business, or church's design, yet the most often neglected. When windows reach 80 to 100 years of age, Phoenix Studio can restore, refurbish and repair leaded windows to their original intended beauty. Stained glass refurbishing is one of the most cost effective forms of building maintenance.

The Phoenix Studio established early, and continues to maintain a superb reputation of quality craftsmanship, performed by professionals applying the latest in technology fused with traditional time tested methods. 

smlrOur restoration department is focused in 
two areas, Restoration and Conservation. We will gladly work with Churches and Places of Worship, Residential or Commercial clients. We specialize in repairing all forms of stained and leaded glass from windows and doors to antique lamps. We implement industry standards and follow international guidelines on all of our restoration projects. Let us help you bring the life back to your stained glass today. All of our work is fully insured and guaranteed. We maintain a minimum of $3,000,000.00 in liability insurance.

We at Phoenix Studio are dedicated to preserving the treasures of our heritage. As with the steward of any fine art, don't let your stained glass get lost in time. Please review the information on the common problems pageto quickly evaluate your art glass yourself. This is only a brief intro to common problems and any formal evaluation should be performed by a professional.

Restoration services that we offer:

  • Condition reporting and evaluation
  • Archival documentation and photography
  • Proper execution of rehabilitation or restoration
  • Project cost estimates
  • Removal, storage and installation of your glass while work is done to surrounding areas
  • Execution of any or all of the work

Be sure to view our Restoration Portfolio to see some of our projects and visit our list of satisfied clients.


What is Restoration?

A complete restoration involves removing framed sets of windows from the structure in which they were installed. Once in our stained glass studio, the window panels are removed from the sash. We will then document all aspects of the windows by taking rubbings, photographs, measurements, and any other pertinent information needed.dscn2880

The windows are then completely disassembled and properly cleaned. At this time any repairs needed such as replacement of the broken glass are made. At times the original type of glass is no longer available. Should this be the case, the broken pieces can be repaired with glues or small profiled lead cames. If this is not preferred by our client, attempts are made to find replacement glass. In either case the goal is to retain the integrity of the window's original composition. Once all the glass has been refurbished we will reassemble the lead came matrix with new leads matching the original. After reconstructing we glaze the windows, which seals them while providing an elastic buffer between the glass and the lead matrix, allowing the window to expand and contract naturally with changes in its environment. Now the windows are ready to install into new or refurbished sashes and returned to their original location to be enjoyed for future generations!

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