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We provide glass for many of the areas cabinet makers and shops. Phoenix Studio has a large selection of clear textured as well as colored glass. We also have the ability to etch glass with patterns or a smooth frosted look. You can view many of the clear textures available below.

Whether actually ordering or just requesting a quote, it is important that the guidlelines below be followed.
Note: For measuring arched openings you will need a pencil, paper, scissors or a razor and a straight edge ruler.

For Square & Rectangular Cabinet Openings:

  • From the back of your cabinet door, measure exactly the width and height of your rough opening. It is best to round down to the nearest 1/16" (sixteenth of an inch).
    Example: 14-1/4" should be rounded down to 14-3/16"

  • For a sure fit up, deduct 1/8" from the width and height of your opening.
    Eample: 15" x 26" rough opening should be ordered as 14-7/8" x 25-7/8". It's that easy!

  • You will also want to note whether the corners are square or rounded.

For Arched Openings:

  • Lay your cabinet door face down on a flat surface.
  • Trace the back outline of your door onto your paper pattern by rubbing a pencil along the edges of your door opening. It is best to tape your paper pattern in place before you start pencil outlining.
  • After outlining, cut the paper pattern carefully using a scissor or razor and a straight edge. Remember to cut your pattern approximately 1/8" smaller than your width and height.
    Eample: If your opening is 12" x 18", your pattern should be 11-7/8" x 17-7/8" - Send your drawn pattern to us: It's that easy!

  • You will also want to note whether the corners are square or rounded.

We have a sample box available to our cabinet industry, designer, and home building customers with samples of all the clear textures available to better help you serve your customers. Just reach out to us and we will provide you with one. For those of you who are looking for your own cabinets we can provide samples of any of the options you choose for you to test in you home.

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