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Stained glass victorian transom

The Phoenix Studio is a full service art glass studio in Portland, Maine. We provide professional, courteous assistance with your home improvement or window restoration projects and excel in adding custom designed stained glass elements to any space. Furthermore we can properly repair or restore your current stained glass in your home, workplace or place of worship.

What Stained Glass can do for you

Stained and Leaded glass windows serve a much greater function than merely a decorative addition to a room. Many of our clients are searching for an attractive means of providing privacy to a room while allowing light to enter. Art Glass is a wonderful solution. Rather than close off a room by adding curtains or blinds, create an awesome “view” with a stained glass window. It can diminish the intense sun rays from entering your home which will in turn protect your furniture, carpet and precious woods from long term sun damage. There are extraordinary patterned clear and colored textures available that allow sunlight to permeate a room while providing a sense of privacy and openness. This is often the perfect answer for interior walls or bathroom and hot tub rooms.

Our goals

Whether you need one stained glass window for a certain project, custom made stained glass inserts for your cabinets or multiple stained glass windows for your new home, we can help with any job and size. Our design team will work closely with you to finalize a design that meets your criteria. The right design, the right size and colors, and the RIGHT price! As with most things in life, you get what you pay for. We guarantee satisfaction for all our clients. Most of all by listening to you as you tell us what your goal and purpose for the art glass is, our design team is much better equipped to successfully design and fabricate a piece of stained glass art that will help you achieve your goal.

WE ARE OPEN! NOW IN OUR NEW SPACE across the hall from our OLD space.

Parking out back - down the stairs and turn RIGHT

Spectrum Glass is now once again available. In preparation of new shipments we need to make room for it on our shelves. All in stock Spectrum glass will is 25% off.  If, Spectrum doesn't suit your needs we'll let you choose another manufacturer for a 15% savings! BOGO sale on all clear glass hobby sheets. Scrap glass $1 per pound

"I picked up our repaired Tiffany style dragonfly lampshade today and I just want to say thank you for saving it! As you know, I was so distraught that it had been damaged so badly. You restored it just beautifully and we would never know that it had been harmed at all! This piece is one of a pair that we had custom made by a glass artist when we lived in New Orleans many years ago and it has such sentimental value. We are grateful to you for the work you did and so very impressed with your skill and attention to detail.  So, I just want you to know that your artistry is so very appreciated.  I will make sure to tell others about you and will certainly return should we need or want further custom glass work done.  We are glad that you are here in Portland Maine!" -  Jeanette

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